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ZuZu Flex

ZuZu Flex

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Flexible, durable, and light, ZuZu Flex are made out of our recycled tire sole, topped by an anti-bacterial, slip-resistant footbed. They provide a comfy and natural feeling, light cushioning, and wild vibes. ZuZu Flex are made for adventure seekers, travelers, hikers, runners, and anyone who's up for exploring any terrain the earth has to offer.

  • Fast delivery
  • 100% Vegan
  • Hand made
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Product specs:

  • Upcycled car tire sole
  • Anti-slip anti-bacterial EVA footbed
  • Replaceable performance nylon straps
  • Stainless steel ZuZuSnap buckle
  • Zero drop
  • Thickness- 11mm
  • Weight- 170g (single sandal, size 42)
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • 100% hand made with love

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We're happy to accept returns on sandals for up to 30 days after you have received them. The sandals must be in a brand new, resellable condition and in their original packaging (please try on indoors only). All shipping costs of returns will be covered by the customer.

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Size Guide

We strongly recommend that you follow our size guide to ensure a perfect fit.

Devoting a few minutes for this will surely save you the hassle, costs and time of coordinating a size replacement shipment.

Care instructions

To keep your sandals in good shape and smelling fresh, do not leave them under direct sunlight for long durations of time or in a closed vehicle on a hot day.

It is recommended to rinse and scrub your sandals periodically with water up to 30 degrees. It will hinder bacterial growth and keep your ZuZu nice and clean!

Why choose Flex

Detailed overview

It's hard not to love its minimalist design and exceptional versarility. ZuZu Flex is perfect for walking, dancing, and running in ALL conditions, while providing great comfort for short or extended daily walks.

With a thickness of 11mm and a dual-layered sole made of a recycled tire and anti-slip EVA, ZuZu Flex offers a barefoot experience with maximum grip and protection for your feet.

Overall, ZuZu Flex is a great all-around sandal that maximizes both style and performance.

Live (like) Barefoot

Barefoot begginers

If this is your first time trying minimalist footwear, you should probably be choosing between the ZuZu Flex and ZuZu Groove models.

Transitioning to barefoot walking (or running) requires adaptation of your foot muscles and soles. As these muscles get stronger and adjust to their natural state, you will find that walking in minimalist shoes feels more natural and comfortable than anything else.

The ZuZu Flex model provides the ideal balance between ground feel and foot protection, with improved shock absorption and mild cushioning. On the one hand, you can feel the textures of the ground, branches, and rocks, while on the other, you are more protected when moving on rugged terrain and stepping on sharp rocks.

explore urban jungles

Everyday use

Asphalt, concrete, bricks and other urban surfaces are made of highly dense materials, which can be uncomfortable and unnatural for the feet when walked on for extended periods of time.

However, with the EVA layer attached to the tire sole, ZuZu Flex provides superior comfort, making walking in the city a natural, minimalist, and comfortable experience.

Run with your ZuZu sandals

Barefoot running

When it comes to running, the Flex or Groove models are our favorites, whether it's running in the park or covering long distances on trails.

We make the Flex soles from a recycled car tire that provides excellent grip even after years of intensive use, allowing you to run long distances without worrying about wear and tear.

Thanks to the high-quality EVA layer we use, the sandal's footbed provides better shock absorption and protection when compared to other minimalist sandals with a 3-7 mm sole. This advantage is particularly beneficial for long-distance running, as shock absorption reduces the load on your feet, thus minimizing the risk of muscle pain and injury.

move with the earth

Ground feel

A key aspect of barefoot shoe design is to allow the foot to move in its natural range without any unnecessary assistance or support.

The Flex model provides a decent ground feel alongside comfort and softness. Although it is less minimalistic than the ZuZu Flow model, it can also be an advantage if most of your movement is on hard surfaces.

If minimalism and ground feel are your top priority, ZuZu Flex is a fine choice, although you should also consider the ZuZu Flow model.

for aquatic adventurers

Water performance

When walking on a water trail, entering a stream, cliff jumping, or kayaking, the advantages of ZuZu Flex get to shine. The unique texture of the sandal's footbed provides more traction, and the footbed itself is composed of water-repellent material.

In addition, the sole contains an antibacterial component designed to reduce and prevent the development of unpleasant odors that may arise after the accumulation of sweat and dirt. Thanks to these properties, the Flex model will give you full confidence in any watery adventure.

  • Key strengthes ✌️

    • A true all-around sandal
    • Ideal for runnning
    • Comfy for urban walks
    • Excellent water performance
    • Begginer friendly
    • Anti bacterial componenet
  • Possible downsides 🙏

    • Thicker sole, less ground feel
    • If black is not your color

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Love the flex

I just received them and they fit really well. It is almost you have nothing on your feet. I think this is gonna be the only “shoe” I need this summer 🤩🥰

Michael F.
ZuZu Flex

I have been into barefoot running for a long time, but have never tried sandals until now. The ZuZu Flex are amazing. I love the grip and the ease in which they fit to your feet. I would recommend them to any runner out there.

Juanjo P.P.

Sandalia barefoot resistente y duradera