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ZuZu Flow

ZuZu Flow

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Flexible, light, and wild!
ZuZu Flow is our most minimal and natural model. Made from a 100% upcycled car tire, it's made to take you on your most exciting outdoor adventures.

  • Fast delivery
  • 100% Vegan
  • Hand made
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Product specs:

  • 100% upcycled car tire sole
  • Integrated textile footbed
  • Zero drop
  • Replaceable performance nylon straps
  • Stainless steel ZuZuSnap buckles
  • Thickness- 6.8mm
  • Weight- 170g (single sandal, size 42)
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • 100% hand made with love!

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We're happy to accept returns on sandals for up to 30 days after you have received them. The sandals must be in a brand new, resellable condition and in their original packaging (please try on indoors only). All shipping costs of returns will be covered by the customer.

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Size Guide

We strongly recommend that you follow our size guide to ensure a perfect fit.

Devoting a few minutes for this will surely save you the hassle, costs and time of coordinating a size replacement shipment.

Care instructions

To keep your sandals in good shape and smelling fresh, do not leave them under direct sunlight for long durations of time or in a closed vehicle on a hot day.

It is recommended to rinse and scrub your sandals periodically with water up to 30 degrees. It will hinder bacterial growth and keep your ZuZu nice and clean!

Move with Flow


Detailed overview

ZuZu Flow is designed to be as flexible and enduring as the adventurers who wear them.

Like water, ZuZu Flow will adapt to any path you embark on, whether it's hiking, running, dancing or exploring the great outdoors.

With a total thickness of 6.8mm and a unique tire sole covered with an embedded textile layer, Flow offers the ultimate "barefoot-like" experience without sacrificing foot protection and durability.

Its raw design is a testament to its durability and grit, making it the perfect companion for any rugged terrain.

Simply put, these sandals were born to be taken into the wild.


Barefoot begginers

Transitioning to barefoot walking (or running) requires adaptation of your foot muscles and soles. As these muscles get stronger and adjust to their natural state, you will find that walking in minimalist shoes feels more natural and comfortable than anything else.

The ZuZu Flow model provides the most primal experience among our sandals. With a sole made of 100% upcycled car tire that was refined to nothing more than the bare essentials, these sandals will be perfect for experienced barefoot adventurers that want to feel the ground up close.

However, while it will keep your feet safe and protected, it has no cushioning which will require adaptation for the untrained foot.


Everyday use

Asphalt, concrete, bricks and other urban surfaces are made of highly dense materials that can feel uncomfortable and unnatural for the feet, especially when walked on for extended periods of time.

Having the most raw and minimal sole also has a trade-off in this case. With no extra cushioning covering the sole, ZuZu Flow can challenge (and strengthen) your feet more intensely when walking on hard surfaces.


Barefoot running

Yes, running in sandals is THE thing. In fact, the Taharumara tribe, who originated our sandal design, were renowned for their super-human running abilities.

We crafted our ZuZu Flow model as a modern and versatile interpretation of their original design, which featured leather straps and repurposed car tires.

However, it's worth noting that the indigenous people had a lifelong milage of running out in the wild. Similarly, using Flow sandals for running is most enjoyable on trails and natural roads.

To summarize, the ZuZu Flow model is an excellent option for experienced barefoot runners who primarily run on trails. For those who prefer a more versatile and adaptable option, we recommend considering the Groove model as well.


Ground feel

A key aspect of barefoot sandals is to allow the foot to move in its natural range without any unnecessary assistance or support.

As our most minimal model, ZuZu Flow provides the most barefoot-like experience. Due to its increased ground feel you will feel all the subtle curves, texture, stones and branches under your feet, transforming any walk or hike out in nature into a more connected experience.

One of our favorite features of these sandals is that the more you wear them, the more they feel like a part of your foot. Thanks to the flexibility of the materials, the sole adapts to the arch of your foot, improving the fit over time.

So if minimalism and ground feel are your priority, ZuZu Flow is the perfect choice.


Water performance

As the name suggests, ZuZu Flow loves water. Whether you're walking on a water trail, cliff jumping, kayaking, or washing your floors, ZuZu Flow will keep you rooted thanks to its excellent grip.

In addition, the texture of the tire-embedded textile footbed provides great traction, and it dries up really fast.

  • Key strengthes ✌️

    • Closest to original Huaraches design

    • Our most recycled model
    • Excellent ground feel
    • Great water performance
    • Extermely durable
    • Raw look and feel
  • Possible downsides 🙏

    • More sensitive on sharp stones
    • No cushioning

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Dwayne J.
Nice fit

Really love the feel of the sandals. These pair help with barefoot transition very nicely and to aid in the splay of my toes and foot health overall. Tested on solid terrain and recreational parks, and am very impressed with the durability of the sandals. This was a great purchase.

Paulina D.
The best sandals i ever wear

I love them from the first steps. The first days when i wear them a lot at hard grounds my gastrocnemius muscle was cramping, but massage helps it. After that i feel nothing. Just love them! Feel so so free!!!

Natalia C.M.d.l.E.
Very good attention, very good product

The sandals are wonderfully made. Top product. The attention was very good, quick and accomodating to the circumstances.