Our Story

We founded ZuZu Sandals after years of living a nomadic lifestyle. ZuZu is the ever-evolving fruit that grows from our immense mileage of walking, running, traveling, and exploring diverse trails and cultures in over 60 countries across 6 continents.

After walking, running and creatively experimenting with a wide range of materials, we finally decided to take up the glove (or the sandal, if you will) and create what we believe to be the perfect, minimalist barefoot sandal. A sandal that focuses on the things that matter most - sustainability, durability, minimalism, style, and most importantly, healthy feet. 

As devout hikers who have spent years with a backpack on their backs, we knew exactly what to give to those who want to stay active, travel light, see every day as an adventure and do it all in style. With attention to the tiniest details and great love for nature, we are incredibly glad to give an answer to those who seek the most adventurous, stylish, environmentally friendly barefoot sandal out there (we feel you!). 

Our inspiration for the design of ZuZu sandals was drawn from a long-standing heritage that originates in the Copper Canyon of Mexico. There lives the native Tarahumara tribe, known as "super-runners" for their legendary running abilities, which allow them to run up to hundreds of miles in extreme terrain conditions, with nothing but a pair of "Huarache" sandals on their feet.

We at ZuZu strive to combine the good old traditional knowledge with a modern vision and design. With the help of durable and innovative materials, alongside recycling and environmental consciousness, ZuZu is the ultimate barefoot adventure sandals that will take you anywhere. 

Perfect for any activity, from chilling by the beach to a walk around town to ultra-marathons in the Alps. ZuZu brings a more natural way to feel the world.

In Hebrew, ZuZu means Move.

We welcome you to join the ZuZment!