All ZuZu Sandals feature our 10,000 km tire sole warranty which covers ANY abrasion of the bottom tire sole of the sandals, as long as it happens during regular use. Long lasting, suberb ground traction is what these tires were made for and they will continue to do so under your feet.

We are making ZuZu with the finest materials so that your sandals will serve you for years to come. However, manufacturing defects may happen in parts such as gluing, buckles, lace plugs, and sewing. Our general warranty covers any defect in any of the components of the sandals for 12 months from placing an order. Any claims beyond that period will be taken care of by our customer service.

Depending on the case details, we may choose to cover the repair costs of sandals beyond the warranty period. The shipping expenses, in such cases, will be covered by the customer.

Our warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use, such as dog eating the laces, exposure to extreme heat (i.e inside of a car on a hot summer day, or extended period under direct sunlight), etc.