Replaceable straps

Switch straps easily to transform your look

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Embrace the Adventure

Experience the world with our upcycled barefoot adventure sandals.

From sandy beaches to the Alpine trails - ZuZu Sandals are a great way to feel the world!

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  • Upcycled Tire Soles
    Zero-drop with superb grip

  • Replaceable Straps
    A brand new style in minutes

  • Hand Made
    With the environment in mind

ZuZu worldwide

Our sandals walk the earth with people from over 50 countries!

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Our story

As devout hikers who have spent years with backpacks on our backs, we know exactly what to give to those who want to stay active, travel light, see every day as an adventure, and do it all in style. With attention to the tiniest details and great love for nature, we are incredibly glad to provide an answer for those who seek the most adventurous and environmentally-friendly barefoot sandals out there.

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