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Replaceable straps

During the design process it was important for us to allow replacing straps quickly and easily, so that you can maximize your mileage with a single pair of sandals.

With ZuZu you can enjoy a brand new look and feel in less than five minutes if you're up for a different style or simply feeling ready to replenish your sandals.

  • Vegan-leather-straps

    Vegan leather laces

    Pliable and strong vegan leather straps.

    Slightly elastic for a quick slip-on experience.

    Less recommended for running and hiking.

    Excellent for daily use! Can be traditionally tied.

  • Performance laces

    Specially woven for a perfect combination of both durability and comfort.

    The right choice for trail running and hiking.

    Dries up super fast, and available in different colors.

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